Nobu Hospitality

Nobu Hospitality is a new global collection of hotels that deliver the unique Nobu restaurant experience. The acclaimed Nobu restaurants have a strong following of international customers, celebrities, and tastemakers. The Nobu Hotels and Residences are built on the same key principles as the restaurants, and are led by the same creative team. This new luxury collection of hotels will span the same geographic footprint as the restaurants, including Las Vegas, Riyadh, London, and Bahrain.

Mobile Friendly

The typical Nobu client is an experienced traveler. For these sophisticated customers their smartphone is the primary way of browsing on the Internet. It was crucial to ensure that the site work well and display correctly on mobile phones and tablets. We created a rich and engaging interface using mobile friendly technology like JavaScript and HTML5.

Multi-Lingual and Multi-Cultural

Nobu is a global brand. The Nobu restaurants are famous all over the world. Their customers come from different cultures, and they speak different languages. We implemented multi-lingual support for both left-to-right and right-to-left languages using our latest NetroCMS technology. Using a clean intuitive design allowed us to communicate to different cultures seamlessly. We delivered the same rich experience to each language without sacrificing content or functionality.

Easy navigation

Nobu hotels are all about the experience of space and comfort. A key function of the site was the ability to give potential guests a full sense of that experience through images that convey the elegance of its design, the high quality of its finishes, and the drama of its architecture.

To achieve this we carefully prototyped and analyzed the behavior of users. Understanding how they navigate a site allowed us to provide them with the information they’re looking for without unnecessary clicks and wasted time. We combined simplicity and usability to provide users with most engaging experience.

Interactive Interface

Nobu is a very special and unique experience. At its core is the distinguished and talented management team that created it. We developed an interactive way of introducing them to the public. Users of the site can discover each of them in a highly engaging way that reveals their personalities and expertise. Their areas of interest present further levels of information that users can dive into as they explore the site.

Multiple Websites

Nobu plans to build and launch a number of hotels all over the world. Each of them will need a localized web site with custom functionality. While these sites must maintain the quality and deliver the experience the Nobu brand is known for, they also must be tailored to the specific local market. NetroStar provides the content management technology for the job. We deliver both the maintenance and development technology to support those sites from one central location using easy-to-use non-technical tools.